How To Play Golf


The game of golf has many rules to follow. Not only are you going to have to practice your swing so you will be able to play, but there are many rules on how to play golf that every golfer must follow.


If you ask someone how to play golf, they will tell you it is strongly based on tradition. There is a golf etiquette that you must keep in mind every time you are on the course. You must be considerate of your fellow players. Do not talk, move, or in any other way distract a player during his or her turn. You also must be dressed in a presentable manner.


Some other basic rules of how to play golf correctly is to mind the tee markers. When teeing off on a hole, the ball must be behind the tee markers. There is also a fourteen club limit when you paly, so do not over pack your golf bag.


When you have started your game, keep in mind that you need to play the ball as it lies. If you are on the green, you may mark, and pick up your ball to clean it, but while in the fairway, you must play the ball as it lies.


The ball farthest from the hole is the one that is played first. The person with the lowest score for the hole will be the first to tee off on the next hole.


If your ball lands in the sand trap, remember to rake it after you have played your shot. The players behind you will appreciate this!


If you hit your ball out of bounds, there is a one-stroke penalty, and you must hit another ball. If you hit your ball into a water hazard, you have the option to either play it, or take a one-stroke penalty.


If you want to know more about how to play golf, you can pick up a rule book at your local clubhouse. These simple guidelines will at least get you on the green and keep you from looking completely lost.